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Improve the wellbeing of your people and the resilience of your business.

Our integrative mental health and wellbeing interventions provide your employees with the support they need in all aspects of their lives, helping them function at their fullest. A happy, engaged employee is a productive employee. We offer a full spectrum of awareness, promotion, and prevention services, based on global best practices, and grounded in science, to reduce emotional distress, improve communication and teamwork, and enhance the skills and competencies needed to promote mental wellbeing. These competencies and skills not only contribute to employees’ mental wellbeing but also enhance their ability to work effectively, collaborate with others, and contribute positively to their work environment.

Become a healthier, happier workplace!

Core Competencies & Skills

Core Competencies & Skills

  • Effective communication and teamwork
  • First Aid for Mental Health at work
  • Mental and emotional resilience
  • Self-awareness and self-care
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Effective Treatment

    Effective Treatment

  • Confidential and simple online bookings
  • Individual coaching
  • Mental health screening and assessments
  • Onsite counseling and therapy
  • Online (video) counseling and therapy
  • Wellbeing Culture at Work

    Wellbeing Culture at Work

  • Annual wellbeing audit
  • Wellbeing committee (creation/facilitation)
  • Dedicated manager trainings
  • Impact monitoring and reporting
  • Team building activities
  • Hear directly from mHub clients:


    “Before working with mHub, our approach to employee wellbeing was much more piecemeal; we made efforts to uplift our team members and reacted as needed rather than working proactively with our staff.

    This approach was not ideal in terms of effectiveness or sustainability, and required significant time and effort from leaders in the organization.

    We feel so fortunate to have connected with mHub at the time when our organization most needed an experienced provider capable of offering a comprehensive and affordable workplace wellbeing program with sustainable, evidence-based solutions that apply in an East African context.

    The team has made mental health much more accessible to all members of our organization, supporting our wellbeing both immediately and in the long term.”

    Jen Weidman
    Manager of Organizational Excellence
    Spark MicroGrants

    Some facts:

    20%: The percentage of adults reporting a mental illness every year.

    36: The workdays lost every year by a person suffering from depression.

    30-60%: The percentage of absence from work that is stress-related.

    69%: The percentage of employees who say that their managers have a greater impact on their mental health than doctors or therapists.

    6%: The cost that employers incur for mental health reasons as a percentage of overall average salary.

    $2-4: The return-on-investment for every dollar spent on evidence-based prevention and early intervention.


    Sources: American Heart Association (2019), Deloitte (2019), Forbes (2023), Harvard Business Review (2021), Harvard Medical School (2010), McKinsey (2020), World Federation for Mental Health (2022), World Health Organization (2022)



    “The cost of doing nothing is higher than investing in effective and sustainable solutions.”

    We’re on a mission to transform mental health and wellbeing at the workplace in Africa and to help as many employees as possible to learn how to become more resilient and productive.


    Francoise Uzamukunda
    Director, mHub Rwanda

    Become a healthier, happier workplace!


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