Our holistic and integrative approach to mental health and wellbeing is customized to take into consideration the diverse professional and personal needs of today’s workforce, across generations and cultures.

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Core competencies and skills for mental health awareness, promotion, and prevention

Mental health awareness is crucial to both improve understanding and increase access to treatment. It is a necessary foundation for changing to a more proactive model of mental health and to preventative measures. Many mental health problems can be prevented with the right approach. And prevention can help all of us – whether we currently have good mental health or not. Clinical studies have proven that practicing self-care can cultivate resilience, reduce stress, eliminate or reduce anxiety and depression, and increase happiness.

mHub offers tailored interventions to prevent risks to mental health at work, protect and promote workplace mental wellbeing, and support employees with mental health issues to participate and thrive in work. Our interventions are designed to (1) enhance personal wellbeing by helping employees to develop competencies, build skills, and learn tools to manage stress, prevent burnout, and reduce mental health symptoms that adversely affect their health, wellbeing, and work performance; and (2) elevate life satisfaction by improving life aspects such as physical and mental health, resilience, and work-life balance.


Effective treatment

At least every fifth employee is likely to experience a serious mental health challenge in any 12-month period. Especially common are anxiety and depression. In such a case, it is essential that these employees have easy access to fully confidential and user-friendly psychosocial treatment at no personal cost.

At mHub, we provide effective evidence-based coaching, counseling, and therapy. Our providers are some of the most qualified local mental health professionals, and they receive constant training and mentorship by our highly experienced international clinical supervisors. Coaching, counseling, and therapy are available either face-to-face or via video or audio call. Our digital platform ensures easy and confidential online scheduling.


Creating a wellbeing culture at work

With exponential growth in the awareness around global mental health challenges, promoting good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has become the collective responsibility of every organization. Research has found that healthier and happier workplaces lead to improved employee morale, increased work performance, less tension and conflicts, increased employee engagement and team effectiveness, lower rates of employee absenteeism, reduced presenteeism (improved on-the-job focus), and higher levels of employee retention.

Leadership is vital to create a positive employee experience. Protecting and promoting mental health at work is about strengthening capacities to recognize and act on mental health conditions at work, particularly for HR staff, team leaders, and managers.

mHub collaborates with organizations to build a workplace wellbeing culture by way of a holistic approach including: organizational wellbeing audits, dedicated trainings for management, teambuilding events, and impact monitoring & reporting. We award the official mHub Seal for Workplace Mental Health to employers who are committed to creating and sustaining mentally healthy workplaces.

Everything in one easy-to-use online platform

mHub’s online platform is based on Microsoft Teams

Whether or not you already use Teams in your organization, you, your leadership team, and your employees can receive immediate and easy-to-use access to all of our services via a browser or the Teams app.

Unless you prefer a different set-up, we will create your personal and confidential Teams portal and develop all the desirable channels for you and your employees. And of course we’ll provide a launch training and desirable customer and tech support.

First Aid for Employee Mental Health training (our flagship training)

mHub’s flagship training is First Aid for Employee Mental Health. The purpose of this training is to increase the amount and type of support provided to people in need. It is designed for all people and organizations that make up a community — and we believe that a workplace meets the definition of a community. Many leaders, managers and human resources professionals are under-informed about mental health issues. For the wellbeing of the community and the resilience of their businesses, leaders should be equipped with the knowledge and competencies essential to provide immediate assistance and care to someone experiencing a mental health problem in a way that empowers the individual, promotes recovery, prevents the condition from getting worse, and preserves life.

This highly interactive and practical training is for anyone who is looking to raise their level of awareness and support around mental health. Embedded in our training are two critical pillars to ensure sustainable impact from mental health first aiders in Africa over the long-term: self-care and destigmatization. We understand that mental wellbeing support is a resource and that one cannot share with others a resource that you lack yourself. mHub’s First Aid for Mental Health training empowers participants to take good self-care. Secondly, we know that mental health is crucial to the overall wellbeing of individuals, societies, and countries. Hence, we encourage aiders to actively help to decrease mental illness stigmatization, thus breaking down barriers that prevent people in need from getting support to thrive in their lives.

Stress Management workshop series

Stress management training supports working adults to better cope with everyday stress in the workplace and at home. Our training is designed to prevent existing wellbeing problems from getting worse, including preventing burnout. The interactive workshops can help your employees and managers deal with changes and challenges in healthier ways, through practicing self-care tools and learning stress management skills and competencies.

The workshops series typically include the following sessions:

  • Coping with depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic stress
  • Stress management to prevent burnout
  • Healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout
  • Cultivating mental and emotional resilience

Specific training goals and learning outcomes in this workshop series include the following:

  • To promote the motivation for health-conscious behavior and self-care practices;
  • To acquire strategies to cope with psychological tension; and
  • To promote the ability to manage stress at the workplace.

Become a healthier, happier workplace!

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